singer - vocalist - speaker

siempre se vuelve

a buenos aires

noelia tomassi

and Pablo Woiz Quintet

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Vida mia

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"It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Noelia in the Berlin Community Tango Orchestra.

Her musicianship, professionalism and enthusiasm for the music

have an immediate effect on the whole ensemble.

What a gift when a musician can spontaneously inspire her colleagues to create better music!

We're very grateful for her generosity in supporting this project and always delighted

to have the opportunity to perform together!"

Korey Ireland - Berlin Community Tango Orchestra

"Noelia is a complete singer!

Her impressive voice and thrilling capability for Interpretation moves even if the lyrics of Tango

(in spanish) are not understood.

Every show she appears on is a guaranteed success!"

Gaia Pisauro - Tango Teacher

Live performance

...some highlights

La viruta Berlin

German edition of the famous Buenos Aires milonga

summer in the city festival

Performing with Pablo Woiz Tango Trio at Breitscheidplatz open air stage


Collaborating with Berlin Community Tango Orchestra

Noelia starts singing at the age of 7.

She explores Musical Theatre, Pop, Soul and Blues and enjoys these styles

up to the present day.

At 18 she moves to Europe, where she studies music theory and starts singing Jazz professionally, based in Spain, France and Germany.

Upon rediscovering Tango, Noelia is reconnecting with her roots as a native of Buenos Aires.

With a clear and rich voice, capable of expressing fine sentiment and passion as well as impeccable articulation, modulation and timing, Noelia inspires and moves her audience

wherever she performs.

Since 2017 she regularly gives live performances in the major milongas and tango festivals of Berlin, collaborating closely with excellent tango pianists as well as tango orchestras,

and does studio recordings.

Please contact her for bookings.