en la voz

Noelia Tomassi

Issue 2.2024 (Nr.98)

april/may/june 2024

⭐️Exciting news everyone!⭐️ I'm thrilled to ​announce that I'm being featured in the ​latest Tangodanza magazine!

It's an honor to be part of this amazing ​publication celebrating the passion for ​tango. Huge thanks to the Tangodanza team ​for this opportunity!

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Experience the artistry of Noelia Tomassi in a mesmerizing tango show that offers a variety of

booking options.

Accompanied by a talented ensemble of musicians,

Noelia Tomassi flawlessly interprets a diverse repertoire of tangos, valses and milongas, captivating audiences with her soulful performance. Whether you're a dancing or sitting audience, Noelia Tomassi's enchanting melodies create an immersive atmosphere. Her meticulous attention to detail extends to her stylish attire, reflecting the elegance and allure of this worldwide admired genre. Each song she delivers is heartfelt and authentic, revealing her artistic sensitivity, experience and passion.

Prepare for an unforgettable evening as Noelia Tomassi takes you on a journey to the fascinating culture

of her beloved Buenos Aires.

Every event is unique and it will be planned with care and dedication. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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siempre se vuelve

a buenos aires

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noelia tomassi

and Pablo Woiz Quintet


Vida mia

Live performance

...some highlights

La viruta Berlin

German edition of the famous Buenos Aires milonga

summer in the city festival

Performing with Pablo Woiz Tango Trio at Breitscheidplatz open air stage


Collaborating with Berlin Community Tango Orchestra

private and group lessons in berlin

Self discovery and intuitive development

of your own voice. Modern approach.

Book per email now!

get in touch

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Already performed at

Philharmonie Kameermusiksaal - Berlin

Wintergarten Varieté - Tangoloft - Berlin

Rote Rathaus "Embrace Festival" - Berlin

Breitscheidplatz "Berlin Lacht" - Berlin

Alte Turnhalle "Embrace Festival" - Berlin

Freilichtbühne Weissensee - Berlin

Argentinische Botschaft - Berlin

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche - Berlin

Clärchens Ballhaus - Berlin

Schlossgut Schwante - Berlin

Schlot - Berlin

La Viruta Festival - Tangoloft - Berlin

Haus der Statistik - Berlin

Haus der Sinne - Berlin

Tangoloft - Berlin

Nou Tango - Berlin

Sharehouse Refugio - Berlin

Walzerlinksgestrickt - Berlin

KitKat Club - Berlin

Tango Tanzen Macht Schön - Berlin

Jüdische Gemeinde - Berlin

Paul Löbe Haus - Berlin

Tangoloft at Mahalla - Berlin

Kulturbrauerei - Berlin

Kaffehaus Mila - Berlin

Terzomondo - Berlin

Mala Junta - Berlin

Schiller-Saal - Berlin

Theater am Park - Biesdorf

Mondbahnhof - Dresden

Engel - Ostbevern

1648 - Münster

Bürgerhaus Telgte - Telgte

Grotes - Münster

Theater am Rand - Oderaue

... and many more...